Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A soothing, modern country style home

Fran├žois recently moved in a new flat and I was very surprised to see that a lot of rentals are still painted in Magnolia (what the heck?)
It was already the case when I moved to London 18 years ago and even back then, I didn't get Landlords' obsession for Magnolia when whites, taupes and greys look so much better, soothing, modern and contemporary.
So here is my personal plead to UK Landlords: Pleaaase....let go of this colour. It does NOT look good and NO it doesn't make the place looks warmer!
Let me show you what I mean by sharing with you these photos of Paul Massey's latest home renovation project (his thirteenth) in Primrose Hill, North London.

Using a muted palette on the walls and painting the floorboards and ceiling in white to make the room seem brighter and larger, Paul Massey has created a beautiful, soothing and calming home.
✔️John Lewis has a selection of large, plain rugs and I very much love this Flokati rug and this Darwin rug, both look super soft.
✔️ This industrial lamp is similar to the one on the bench and you will find similar stools here.
✔️ Loaf has some great sofas (I'm loving the branding and the catalogue of this company)

You can source vintage French furniture on Ebay or even better, go to Lille in the north of France the first WE of September during which the whole town is selling everything (call it a giant car boot sales). It's a great experience which I highly recommend.
Creating a natural, calming home doesn't have to be expensive. At home, I use these baskets to store remote controls and throws and you can create your own display/vignette by adding little objects with character like this linen roll with antique scissors, old picture frames, weathered wood gathered from the beach, etc.
✔️ Click here to read my post on how to create an effortless, stylish, natural home
✔️ This post will also tell you how to create a home that feels like a holiday home despite the gloomy weather.

Throughout the house, Paul used reclaimed materials and vintage furniture to create a very unique and relaxing look. The copper tap (above) which I love, was born from a sketch Paul gave to his plumber = total cost £30 (don't you love that!?)
✔️ If you are on a budget but have original floorboards, sand them and paint them to give character to your room (while I appreciate the benefits of carpet, I much rather have natural or white floorboards that reflect the light than carpet).
✔️ Metro tiles can be found at Topps Tiles and you may want to read my post here, featuring three inspiring kitchens with metro tiles.
What do you think? Do you love this home?

// Photography: Paul Massey with thanks | To rent this property, click HERE

Update: Check out the other beautiful home renovated by Paul Massey I blogged about in 2007!


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