Thursday, May 8, 2014

5 very sleek, gorgeous and inspiring white kitchens

After almost a year of talking about plans, getting structural surveys done, seeking authorisations from the council, this is it! We are finally starting the renovations in our home...
I'm really really excited by our future, new kitchen. When we moved in 4 years ago, I quickly painted the old kitchen with blackboard paint to give it a new lease of life but I'm over the moon the time has finally come to have the white, sleek kitchen of my dreams.
Here are five, gorgeous white kitchens that inspired my Masterplan kitchen...
White Contemporary Kitchens

Our old Kitchen featured here in Homestyle NZ magazine is up for a major revamp. The L shape is going to be replaced by the layout above: a long island facing a wall of units with heaps of storage, both visually leading to the garden.
The 80's window is going to be replaced by a large, architectural glass window floor to ceiling.
White Contemporary Kitchens

Our tap is going to be replaced by one that has a boiling option (watch out for our kettle and old tap on Ebay :-)
White Contemporary Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen, my pet hate are electricals so toaster & blender are going to be plugged in but hidden away in a cupboard/pantry and our stainless-steel worktop is going to be replaced by a gorgeous, smooth and tactile white Corian with a large moulded sink.
White Contemporary Kitchens

White Contemporary Kitchens

Initially, I really wanted a polished concrete floor or large concrete tiles like in the Vipp flagship store but to avoid cracks, we needed to have at least 10 cm worth of depth in the grounds.
So we looked at other alternatives (rubber, wooden floors, tiles) and in the end, we found a very nice resin floor that looks sleek and contemporary.
To give an impression of space, we will run the resin floor throughout the ground floor and the B&W tiles from the hallway that many of you love (but me) and the oak wooden floor in the lounge.
I still have a tons of stuff to get rid off (so expect more things popping up on Instagram and Ebay). Which kitchen do you prefer??

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