Monday, April 9, 2012

SLØ - an invitation to slow down...

SLØ - is an invitation to slow down, to take it easy and find beauty and happiness in simple, everyday's things that life brings to us...
SLØ - is a new, beautiful and inspiring magazine by Sophie Denux who also brought us Toc-Toc-Toc and the talented product designer Caroline Gomez 
SLØ - is also a reflection and expression of the Slow Design movement - a growing trend that seeks a holistic approach to designing and takes into consideration a wide range of material and social factors as well as the short and long term impacts of the design. It is also about going back to the basics and appreciate the work of a designer, her/his choice of material, the craftmanship involved in the production of the design rather than focusing on the price. It's about going for quality rather than quantity (something that I expressed here).
SLØ - is a little break in our busy lives...
You can buy it from here but I'm also going to France next Saturday for a week so if it is something you would like to order from the shop please let me know, as I will not be far from Caroline and I can bring a few copies back to London. 


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