Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BODIE and FOU Gift Guide | Gifts for foodies & bon vivant

Today, I've put together a little selection of great gifts for foodies and bon vivant. I don't know about you but I have quite a lot of those around me :-)
Our best-selling Cognac glasses are the perfect gift for Dads, father-in-law, brothers and friends. 
They always go down a treat and their shape is not just gimmicky, they've actually been designed to enhance the bouquet, temperature and volume of a fine spirit. They also exist in a smaller version here for women.
My favourite gift this year is this beautiful stonewashed linen apron which comes in blue grey, soft grey and dark grey. It's a very nice, unusual and stylish gift which I will offer with a jar of this Dijon Basil mustard Steve always uses for his kiwi roast. Last time, we were invited to diner to our friends', they required we brought the jar we had in the fridge with us to go with their roast - crazyfoodies!


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