Wednesday, February 20, 2013

4 tips to create a serene, natural look at home

I spent Saturday night on Pharaoh's Island on the river Thames near Shepperton. What a wonderful place...I rarely venture out of London but I was completely smitten by this part of the English countryside. Our friends' home was very nice too. Fully carpeted, I enjoyed walking bare feet around the house and it dawned on me how wonderful and cosy carpet felt, something I had forgotten as our London home has floorboards throughout. So here are my four tips to create a serene, natural look in your home:
1) Keep the walls as bare as possible 
Let the room breathe and add one piece of artwork you love to create a focus point be it a hand-drawing, a sculpture or a canvas - the whole room will work as a beautiful canvas.
2) Change your carpet
Changing your carpet for one that is is soft and light will naturally change the room's appearance. With the colours of the walls, carpet is the the first thing guests will notice when they walk into your room. Most carpets are now stain-resistant (like these from SCS), so you can safely go for a light tone carpet and this will make your room look spacious and serene.
3) Add textures
I like scouring flea markets to find old, embroidered cotton fabrics. Cottons manufactured over 80 years ago have a wonderful texture which is very close to stonewashed linen. While the swatches you'll find may have stains, you should still be able to cut out a few pillow cases from it. In our holiday home in France, I use the beautiful embroidery as the front of the cushion and use plain, white cotton for the back.
4) Opt for a soft lighting
One that will diffuses a soft, soothing like. I like the MILK lamp by NORM Architects a lot because its oak legs and translucent glass shade exudes calm and serenity.

// Photography: 1. Mark Eden Schooley 2 & 3. Pinterest 4. Milk lamp In Association with SCS | All opinions and layouts my own


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