Saturday, April 27, 2013


Wooden Clothes Rail | Little Creative Project |
I can't tell you how you excited I am about life in general and the small changes have made to our diet had such a positive impact on our energy level, skin and sleep in such a short time that I hope my excitement will rub off on you. 
Today, I'm making a spinach & coconut soup but my real cooking challenge this weekend is to make a yummy quinoa salad and a green smoothie #superfoods. I will share recipes later on.

Now that my energy level is back to normal, my mind is buzzing with creative ideas, and one little creative project that inspired me today, was this wooden clothes rail project by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau (you can read all the instructions here)

We're off to our holidays home in France soon for a few days to catch up with my beloved sister Elodie and Lily and I think it would be a fantastic project to do with the girls.

There is a gorgeous forest near our local beach and I know they would love to pick up pieces of wood and paint them in bright, cheerful colours to hang their clothes.

I'm also thinking that I could actually make one too in white & blue to hang our beach towels in the garden...will see. 
I wish you a fantastic weekend. I'm taking Mila to her first Bikram yoga class today and I'm really looking forward to having mine too.

// Photography: La Cerise sur le Gateau


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