Monday, June 17, 2013

In the mood for soothing soft greys & whites after an eventful weekend

I was meant to tell you all about our fantastic weekend in North Devon but I'll do it tomorrow when I feel in better shape. This was the last fun pic I took last night, shortly after that, our car refused to start again.
We waited for the RAC to arrive for an hour. Then another hour for the car to be towed from Reading to London. By the time we got to bed, it was 2am. 

It was the second time I got stranded on the M4 with Mila and it is not a fun experience when you're alone with a child but I'm glad I had the reflex of taking my RAC membership card which we had just received in the post a few days before.
I had booked our weekend away in North Devon for Father's Day so that Steve would enjoy a five-hour journey on his bike but this meant that he wouldn't travel with us.

By the time I needed to call RAC, his phone had ran out of battery...which we laughed about when we were eventually reunited but the thought of being stranded on the M4 longer than the 2 hours freaked me out retrospectively :-)

In France, there is a saying "Jamais deux sans trois" which means that something bad happens, it happens in a series of 3.

So no 2 here we come...
This morning, my local mechanic, a sweet guy told me that it was too much of a job for him to do and we had to take the car somewhere else. While trying to find another company to tow the car (again!) to another garage, I dropped my phone and smashed the glass (and like smashed big pieces!).
Then the guy that eventually came to pick up the car broke his winch while doing it and I'm really really hoping that it counts as no 3 :-) (fingers crossed). 

So, I'm a bit tired and in need for some soothing, calming colours just to chill out and tonight I will have an early night to recover from his eventful return but gosh, our weekend was A-MA-ZING!
I hope you had a great weekend and yours ended up better than mine ;-)

// Photography: 1. Stonewashed linen duvet cover in light grey (one of my favourite hues to create a soothing bedroom) | 2. Via Ancagray | 3. (C) Janne Peters


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