Sunday, August 11, 2013

This week...

// Took a portrait of my brother and I'm quite happy with the result
\\ Fought against a copycat in Austria who had totally ripped off our images and brand creative 
// Locked myself outside our home and waited 1H40 for Steve to save me while doing lunges
 \\ Celebrated with the team Sophie's Leaving Do and welcome Polly in our new team 
// Went to Bikram yoga 3 times 
\\ Did my Tracy Anderson Method work out every day until the day after Sophie's leaving Do  
// Nursed a hungover 
\\ Had a great night out with 3 fab bloggers: BrightBazaar, Yvestown and Colour Living
// Cooked my favourite dishes for Yvestown's new cooking book 
\\ Bought a new car from an Oscar Award-winning Actress but we promised not to say who she is #hugelyfrustrated :-) 
//Put lots of stuff on Ebay  
\\ Deleted this current post and lost all the sorry



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