Monday, September 23, 2013

New black & white prints

In our house in France, I've created a feature wall in our lounge with various black & white prints and photos. The result is pretty cool, modern and striking. 

So I have been searching for a mini series of prints to achieve something similar in the kids bedroom and I'm glad I've finally found this gorgeous series of black & white prints illustrating unexpected moments in the life of some rabbits…and some of them are very active (I think I need Jo, the designer to make one with a rabbit doing Bikram yoga).

If I have to pick one, my favourite one is the Bouncing rabbit print  but if you're looking to create an impact, then a row of three or four of these prints will look beautiful and I think the design is so charming that they can easily be displayed around the home, in the hallway, kitchen or landing. What do you think?



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