Friday, April 25, 2014

3 ways to create an inspiring cupboard for your kitchen

It has been raining for the past two days so while we are staying in our home in France, I have been keeping myself doing little creative things like getting the girls to paint this fab log in white, taking new photos of the house and creating a blue moodboard on my kitchen cupboard to freshen up the look below.
If you love a bit of DIY, here are three ways for you to create an inspiring and striking cupboard for your kitchen for very little cost...

1/ For a summery feel

I sourced this cupboard from a second-hand shop (from memory I paid around 20 euros) and gave it a new lease of life by painting the outside white and the inside blue grey.
To add a summery feel, I used inspiring blue & white images from my favourite decoration magazines and create a happy, holiday mood board.
Each time we open the cupboard now, we are welcome by this uplifting burst of colours in different shades of blue.

2/ For an industrial feel 
Vintage metal cabinets can be found easily on e-bay for little money if you are patient and with a fair amount of elbow grease and blackboard paint, you can transform it into something looking fabulous like this black cupboard and why not write a poem with chalk on the doors or let the kids do their own drawings...
3/ For a modern country look
An old cupboard with glass doors is a wonderful way to display your collection of ceramics and crockery especially if they all have similar hues.
To obtain the effect below, apply a first coat of paint in white, then a second coat in grey and sand gently when the paint is really dry to let patches of white paint coming through.

// 1. My home in France photographed by Michael Paul | 2. Inside Out magazine | 3. Tine K 

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