Friday, April 11, 2014


Here is one of the shots you will see in our new catalogue...
A story in black and white...for kids and teens...
I hope you like it...
 Kids bedroom Monochrome B&W BODIE and FOU Styling: Karine Candice Kong Photography: Francois Kong
1. Bau pendant light
2. Rabbit prints by HAM
3. My favourite Batgirl print (now back in stock)
4. Duck night light
5. Beautiful, handmade dolls by Pigmée
6. Half-Moon cushion by Ferm Living (loving the matching wallpaper!)
7. Rafa A-teen bed
8. Metal storage trunk (also available in pink)
9. White ball chair
10. Rug Dots
and I forgot the black paper star!

Have a fab weekend

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