Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Favourite B&W styling jobs | The Rock flag print

I'm very excited to tell you that we will receive very sOOOOn our new Rock Flag print and as I was looking at this page, I thought I would share with you the B&W images I enjoyed styling the most.
Given that everything I select for our concept store are things that I would have at home, inevitably a few of these images turned out be just how I decorated our family home in London when I took the prints home rather than becoming a 'styled shot' but eventually I had to do a bit of work and some were specifically styled for our catalogue - Make sure you request a copy.

The Batgirl print (top left corner) was styled chez Vosges Paris when I stayed with Dees to attend Meet the Blogger in Amsterdam last June (we had such a great time together and I'm very looking forward to having her in March for Meet the Bloggers in London)

I also styled the Feathers print for our SS2012 catalogue at Desiree's (top right corner - you can get the clip on light here and the owl vase here)

(Bottom left corner) The Feathers print again but this time in our bedroom - I change the display regularly so I don't get bored (you can get the cluster light from here)

Le Chat print (bottom right corner) was styled at my parents' place in France for our first catalogue in 2011 (check it out on Issuu). I found the galvanised metal shelf in my dad's workshop, made a right mess of my mum's bedroom (because she has wonderful floorboards in it!) and made this workspace image which has since then been featured on the front cover of an Asia mag.
You can get similar shelves from any DIY shops.
(C) Photography: Francois Kong | Styling: Karine Kong


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