Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monkey business | blackboard wall | great styling idea

I've just came back from the dentist and my mouth is so numbed that I feel like Elephant woman...probably gonna have to wait a bit to drink something.
Anyway...while I was checking Instagram in the tube I saw our exclusive Monkey print by Mini & Maximus in Brittany's home which made me really happy.
I love this Monkey print! It's the kind of illustration that works as well in a kids bedroom and in a family room and it is one of my latest favourite B&W prints but what I really loved is how Brittany created a striking, personal corner by painting her wall with blackboard paint.
I know it's not new, we've all seen lots of kitchens with blackboard painted walls but I like the fact that it is in the bedroom where her child can express himself and with a nice B&W art print, suddenly it becomes something else...
Have a great evening! It's pancake day and Mila is cooking. Lots of love
(C) Photo: Brittany Ritchie Follow her on Twitter & Instagram


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