Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy thoughts for the weekend

What are you up to this weekend? 
For me it's more clearing up...Not the most exciting thing I know but my inner peace depends very much on this ;-)
We emptied the attic the other day when a company was supposed to come and insulate the roof (they didn't turn up - oh joy!) and now our guest room - which normally looks like this - is filled with boxes and old stuff which I really need to sort out. I made some nice discoveries though like the French vintage chandelier I had hung in my first London flat in Stoke Newington but it will go on E-bay soon.
It's weird, I should get used to it...I grew up in a house full of 'vintage treasures' (and that's me putting a positive spin on it as half of it was junk that my mum refused to throw away in case we need 15 years time...and sometimes she was right).
However, the older I get, the less I can stand clutter and in fact, too much clutter makes me feel really stressed but if you share a home with kids and animals, you have to let go at some point, otherwise you drive yourself crazy.
I usually manage for about 4 weeks. 
Week 1: I'm cool with it...a dirty cup ends up next to the dishwasher but NOT in the dishwasher...not a big deal baby!...I'll put it myself in the dishwasher, I don't know maybe the door was super hard to open...or really heavy.
Week 2: I go on strike...Yes I'm French and that's what we do! The virtual maid will probably pick up the pile of clothes on the floor anyway and give us a new, clean towel each morning because we live in such a nicely decorated house that it almost feels like a boutique hotel
Week 3: Umm...I look around me in dismay...I seem to start developing some kind of rash... if you see me in the street and I can't stop itching, fear NOT, I'm only in terminal phase 3...
Week 4: It's party time! I'm like a bottle of Dom Perignon and it's either I defuse the bomb & start clearing/cleaning or I explode...
This weekend is a defusing weekend if you see what I mean. 
Please tell me that you perfectly understand where I'm coming from!? :-0

This week, I loved....
(C) Photography: François Kong  | Styling: Karine Kong
Emma's styling job for Brdr. Krüger

Moving into our new offices | Showroom (could I be more in love with them - NOT!)

Walking 45 min to work & back listening to Vanessa Paradis (hoping to make it a regular thing from next week)

Styling bits & pieces from our new collection including this new linen throw which I brought back from Paris last week and which is almost sold out already 

and having some really nice conversations with several of you on Facebook and Instagram so thank you very much. 

Next week, I'll fill you in on all the beautiful kids brands I saw at Playtime in Paris, until then have a wonderful weekend

PS: I've just put this lovely yellow dress from COS on Ebay...


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