Monday, March 25, 2013

4 styles to create an inviting, family-friendly dining room

Our friends Elena and Graham moved into a new home which needs some work but has massive potential and just seeing it, made Steve and I craving for a new home decorating project.
They have already painted the walls of their dining room in white and will sand the original floorboards to varnish them.
As they are planning to get new dining chairs, here are a few examples to create an inviting, family-friendly and welcoming dining room. Personally I love them all which won't make the decision process any easier but hey...Which one do you prefer?

// Scandi warmth
As they already own a white Arne Jacobsen table, wooden dining chairs like these below would look beautiful in their room that is filled with natural light and will soften the room, adding textures and a natural vibe.

// On a budget
I love finding styling ideas on a budget because it requires creativity, ingenuity and I'm a firm believer that style is not about money. If I had a TV show, I would love to help people to create beautiful homes on a budget and not the kind of home improvement shows we get where you just want to kill yourself after they revamped people's homes.
In our holidays home in France, I painted various chairs sourced from my parents' garage to second-hand shops in white to create a welcoming yet not precious holiday home where everyone could relax without worrying about breaking anything valuable. The result is a room that exudes happiness and warmth like this room below.

// Contemporary chic
White walls are a dream for me as they become a massive blank canvas to make anything happen. For a contemporary feel, pick dark dining chairs to contrast with the all-white white scheme of the room and use one of the wall to hang a striking piece of art, vintage or a large mirror on which the light can bounce back.

// Soft pastels
Elena & Graham have two girls so in a family of three girls Vs one man, this soft, pastel dining room with Hans Wegner's Wishbone dining chairs would work wonder while the strong, masculine light would not alienate Graham who as an Architect, has great design aesthetics.

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