Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{New sponsor} LAB. - such a beautiful collection!

I'm spoiled with really beautiful sponsors - thank you!
My new sponsor is LAB., another French label which I know you're going to love, because  the LAB. collection is really pretty, feminine and SO...gentle. It's a real pleasure.
LAB. was set up by Elodie Laleous who first started designing a collection of furniture inspired from the 50s and the work of Charlotte Perriand and  Eames but with a slightly rustic touch.
Eventually, Elodie expanded her wonderful collection with beautiful bed linens (and I'm glad she did!) and an adorable kids collection and if I was pregnant again with a baby girl, I would definitively get this Betsy Liberty print sleeping bag (how gorgeous is this!?).
Everything is made in France, not out of national pride, but because Elodie thinks it's important to know the history of an object, where it comes from and I like that!
I like that kind of thinking. 
It's not an easy task for an independent designer to produce things that are of great quality and price competitive when you compete with large companies that get things manufactured in Asia and I hope you will agree that her collection is just pure happiness.
I hope you enjoy this...

// All images courtesy of LAB.  | LAB. on Facebook | LAB. on Twitter | LAB. on Pinterest 


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