Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tips for a healthy, happy weekend

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! 
We escaped to the Bay of Arcachon* and stayed in our small house
I have a soft spot for this house...It's where I broke my waters while standing on top of a ladder painting our kitchen wall (as you do!) and then I stayed there with Mila until she was old enough to keep her eyes open for the passport photo so we could head back home in the UK.  The weather was amazing like last weekend and with the beach 10 min away, it was pure bliss.
The downside for me when we are in France is that I usually binge on French baguettes, pain au chocolat, biscuits and cheeses (and God knows we have heaps in France!) but this time, I was determined to stick to my healthy diet so as soon as I arrived I went to buy a 40 euros blender and plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep on track.

Having been very ill recently, I made some drastic changes to my diet to ensure I would feed my body the right nutrients. 
As a result to the same changes I've made, I have also lost 1.8 kg in four weeks - which is a major bonus for me since I have been trying to get my pre-maternity figure back for the past 8 years :-(
When  I was pregnant, I ate for England and France together and put on 15 kilos!!  I eventually managed to lose 7 but the remaining 8 were are a real pain in the bum!
I think apart from a few lucky ones who managed to get their figures back within weeks, we've all been there. It is a frustrating, painful road paved with obstacles but I feel I'm finally turning a corner. 

I don't know if this would help anyone to know about the changes but for me the major positive trigger was starting Bikram Yoga and then completely changed my diet 

{Small changes I made to improve my diet}

- Go to yoga 3 times/week (I feel not only relaxed, stretched but cleanse inside/out and more focus). As a result, my cravings for carbs and sugar have disappeared.
- Drink 2 Lt of water. It's a pain to start with but if you always have a 50ml bottle of water on your desk, it becomes quickly a habit to take a sip every now and then.
- Replace brown toasts in the morning by low-fat, organic vanilla yogurt + fresh blueberries (never thought something like this would taste so nice!)
- Replace sandwich at lunch time by mixed salad. My favourite one is mixed salad with low-fat, organic mozzarella, one soft-boiled egg & parma ham for proteins, tomates, avocado (for my skin), cashew nuts, olive oil & balsamic vinegar (it's surprisingly filling and delicious!)
- Snack on fruits rather than biscuits
- Listen to my body (and drink first before reaching out for food)
- Always prioritise taste. I'm an emotional eater (sad, happy, bored, excited you name it, I eat!) so for me it's super important to really enjoy the food I'm eating.

You can check my Instagram for inspiration on what to eat. Have a fantastic day!
*45 min drive from Bordeaux Airport


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