Thursday, July 11, 2013

30-day Bikram Yoga challenge | DAY 22

How are you??
I'm so ready for the Summer! 
I went to my Bikram yoga class at lunch time today and gosh it was hot! 
As I was staring at myself in the large mirror looking red, sweaty and reasonably unattractive but toner and fitter, I realised how much I've enjoyed this challenge.
Yes ok some days have been tougher than others but overall, the benefits have not only been positive from a physical point of view but also mentally. 

I'm more focused and relaxed. I feel I handle stress at work in a much better way and I had my share over the years (read my interview for Kelly Hoppen here) and most of it I feel full of energy.
I know some of you have found my updates here on the blog or Instagram very inspiring and I'm glad because if you can take on this challenge or any other fitness challenge for that matter (my friend Hannah from Dreamwalls is doing amazingly well running), it can only be for the best.
So if you need more inspiration, here are a few people I follow on Instagram a beautiful 20 something who is looking after herself the healthy way Dani is a mum of 4 under 7 with the most amazing body and that tells me that if she can do it after 4 kids, I can do it after 1 - no excuse! Beautiful Kristina is beaming with joy & happiness - that's what clean/raw eating will do to you :-)


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