Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An evening spent in Harrods....

Have you see the latest TV campaign for Harrods?
I thought it was brilliant. It crossed my mind a few times that it would be cool to live in my favourite concept store MERCI in Paris and hang out there, lounging on their stonewashed linen or going through their fashion racks, pour myself a nice cup of tea and read a book in their Used Book CafĂ© so when I saw the Harrods TV campaign, I laughed. 
Someone had read my mind but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thought the same at some point, am I?!
The new campaign Harrods I'm homeis a celebration of all the things we could do if we were living in the world's most luxurious department store. 
Longing for a blow-dry while getting your nails's all sorted! 
You want to try the latest Max Mara collection or get a gorgeous bag from Mulberry like Alexa Chung, consider it done!
Delicacies and healthy, tasty meals from the Food Hall (one place to see if you've never been) delivered straight to our problem!
If I was spending the night in Harrods with my best friends, the thing I would love the most, is trying some beautiful gowns. The kind we see on the red carpet at the Oscars or at Cannes and get my hair beautifully done...And I would love to take Mila too because she would love that kind of experience.

Harrods I'm Home (see the TV spot below) is a celebration of the extraordinary yet luxurious experience customers usually have in store and which are now made entirely online from anywhere in the world. 
So we can all do it online now but seriously, what kind of things, would you love to do there if you were to spend one night locked in Harrods? Tell me...



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