Monday, September 2, 2013

Our London home in VT Wonen...SO exciting!

Last week when I was in France, Agata the designer behind those fabulous kids beds posted a picture of my home featured in VT Wonen on Instagram.
I got super excited for two reasons: First I love VT Wonen
I don't read Dutch but I'm a huge fan of their styling which I often pin on Pinterest and secondly I knew, they were images I had never seen before so I was really eager to see the whole feature.
Danish Stylist Lykke Foged and Photographer Morten Holtum came to shoot our home last September and I hadn't heard from them since then but considering my home has been shot several times, I think they have done an amazing job creating something fresh and new.
I love the energy of their shots.
I've listed below some of the things featured in the photos but if you have any other queries, please leave a comment.

Spread 1:
Milk table lamp on the mantelpiece| Batgirl print | Print of the girl with her arms crossed will be soon exclusively available on BODIE and FOU | White stool
Spread 2:
Ball chair | Print on left wall | pallet table (made by me) | washi tapes to do my B&W montage
Spread 3:
Wooden chopping board | Bau pendant light (behind Mila) | Pure wooden stool
Spread 4:
Monkey print | Meow print (no longer available) | Bat print (on the floor) | Paulistano chair (a great piece of design!) | Stonewashed linens | tutu (black no longer available)
Spread 5: Wooden rosary (vintage but I'm selling it so email me if you're interested) | In Mila's bedroom: Mima Le Chat print | Elephant head | Pigmee handmade dolls | Rabbit lamp



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