Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My crazy adventure in Tunisia & shades of greys

How are you my lovelies?
Last week, I temporarily deactivated my Facebook account and I realised that:
- I'm still as busy as ever,
- I'm enjoying blogging again, 
- and I'm dreaming crazy things (read below)

Last night, I was somewhere like Tunisia buying gorgeous plaids and the most amazing/expensive leather rug - it was so beautifully made, it looked like a piece of art (I think I must have spent too much time working on these rugs). 
Anyway...I was walking down the street towards my car carrying all my purchases when this Lady jumped on me and told me how much SHE LOVED everything I had bought and she wanted me to come and decorate her home and build two swimming pools. I agreed.
Once she left, I kicked myself thinking HOW ON EARTH would I build her two flipping pools!!! It's not like I had any experience in that domain!
Trying to work out a plan in my head to see who I could enrol in this big project, I then tried to fit all the throws, bed spreads and this amazing rug into my new car.
OK...the new car...
It is beautiful but it comes with a lot more gadgets and switches than our old one and while I know how to lock and unlock our car in real life, in my dream I couldn't!
Each time, I pressed the button, the four doors opened and all the plaids, throws and rug I had bought, would just burst out of the car onto the pavement. It was like in a cartOOn...
After several attempts, I was started to feel cranky so I went around the car to see if I could lock it from the right hand side (as if this would make a difference!) and again, all my new purchases bursted out of the car onto the pavement - except this time, some random guy who was walking by, took my amazing rug and walked away with it.
And I can't tell you while after losing a potential great job for my inability to build two swimming pools and having my expensive rug stolen I didn't scream and run after him because I woke up!

1. Kant pendant light | 2. VT Wonen Styling: Marianne Luning Photography: Alexander van Berge 



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