Thursday, October 10, 2013

My latest DIY project..

Always have a little DIY project in the kitchen, you never know what crazy hours of the night you will end up tackling it!
I tackled mine at 2am (thx to Madame Insomnia) and ended up chatting with some nice people (thanks Instagram)
I found the chair above in the street last year. I wasn't too keen on the dark wood (which i sanded) and the blue fabric (see how it looked like when my home was featured in ELLE DECORATION) but the shape was perfect to achieve the style of Jacqueline Morabito (below).

But then Lucas started sleeping on it....
Then Lucas started chewing the cushion...
In the end, my lovely dog wrecked it completely (see picture on Instagram) so rather than re-upholster it, I decided to paint the fabric in white and use the chair as a prop.
I had done this last Summer on a French armchair in my house in France (credit to my creative mum who suggested it) and the result was fab...very Maison Martin Margiela.

Time spent: 1 hour 30
Cost of the chair: nil
Cost of the paint: I used left-over
Happiness: 100%

You can see how we used the chair this week to style our new and fabulous Feel-Good throws (which I highly recommend) and our new reindeer skin rug.



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