Friday, October 4, 2013

Cosy, feel-good mood board for a happy weekend

To celebrate the arrival of our natural baskets, Autumn and a lovely weekend ahead, I've put together this cosy, feel-good mood board for you. 
And I have a request for you...I need a vintage wooden or metal chair with wear & tear marks for a photoshoot (something like this, this or that would do) so if you have one in London and you can lend it to me, please let me know.
If not, I think, I'll paint an old armchair I have upstairs but I think my shoot would work better with a chair.
What are up to to this weekend? We are going to The Bike Shed this weekend...expect some interesting snaps on Instagram :-) Have a good one, bises.

(C) Photo 1. 2. 4. Styling: Karine Köng, Photography: François Köng | Photo 3: Mark eden Schooley | Bamboo pendant light | Stonewashed linen duvet cover, curry | Nelson Sepuvelda ceramics | Wooden chopping board



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