Friday, November 15, 2013

Life with Mila | The S.E.X.

I haven't done a post on Life with Mila since this one when we went to France to say goodbye to my grandmother. It was a sad time but reading Mila's words made me burst out laughing again. Here is another one that will make me laugh for a long time...

Mila: " friend Magdalena is crazy. Lily said that no-one could be as crazy as she is"

Me: "why is she crazy?"
Mila: "She says she knows about S.E.X."
Me: "About what?" (the look on Mila's face just spelling it out was priceless)
Mila: "S.E.X.!"
Me: "What is this? Tell me..."
Mila:"Well you should know, you are a grown-up...."
Me: "Umm...yeah maybe but I'm not sure, tell me what Magdalena told you"
Mila: "No I can't and anyway you know, you had me, so you should know...You know it's when a boy and a girl do ummmm" (pressing her two hands like two people kissing like crazy).
Me: "Well..I had you 8 years ago so it's a long time, I forgot about it :-)"
Steve: "Come on, tell us..."
Mila: "OK, give me £10 and I tell means two things you know! "
Steve: "I give you £10 if you tell us and if we learn something"
Mila (who prefers collecting banknotes than stamps jumped on the opportunity) " means....CUL (bum)!!"
Steve said it was the best £10 spent to know of her continued innocence and to see me laugh like I did. 

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