Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kate Barry

I was half-kidding a couple of days that you don't need to watch the news to find out what happens in the world, each time someone dies, my Facebook wall is filled by R.I.P. posts and this morning sadly, it was about Kate Barry.
I loved her, in fact I love her whole family and I think it was one of these 'famous' family of artists who was very much loved because they were naturally 'cool', very talented and beautiful. I grew up listening to Serge Gainsbourg and naturally came to love the rest of his family. Jane was/still is a style icon, a sexy tomboy who numerous girls seek to emulate. I didn't have the skinny, tall figure but I've always loved her style, a cool attitude and then there was Charlotte, a couple years younger than me and three years older than Elodie. Charlotte, like Vanessa Paradis were and still are my favourite style icons. I love the women they became and the artistic choices they made.
Kate chose to build her life behind the camera and shot some amazing portraits of her sisters and other famous people. I loved her sensibility

I feel sad for the whole family. It is such a waste of a life. 
Depression can be a real piece of s...t and takes you to very dark places but the truth is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Talk to someone, go and see your GP, don't give up. 
Everybody is going through dark times and I think as we grow older, the 'happy' times we feel around Christmas as a child become tainted with souvenirs that sometimes make the end of the year a bit more painful, especially if we've lost someone from our family.
I don't have an answer. I just think we have to accept that life is like seasons and in winter time, as it gets dark and cold, it takes us to darker places but then soon it will be Spring and life will be cool, fun and sunny again. Just hang in there.
Make sure you look after yourself and are kind to yourself. Talk to friends or if you don't want to talk, just hang out with friends, watch a movie curled up on the sofa, spend the afternoon by the fire in a pub, just take it easy. The end of the year is soon upon us and next year will be fab. It has to be :-) 



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