Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What do you love/dislike the most about Valentine's Day?

I know it's next week but Polly was working on the BODIE and FOU monthly newsletter so I started to think about what I really like and not like about Valentine's day.

Let's start by things I don't really like....
1/ Being single on Valentine's Day. No longer the case for over almost two decades (minus 4 years) now but I remember vividly how it sucked back then.
2/ All these pink heart shaped gifts. Seriously!!?? 
3/ Going out and being overcharged for a special Valentine's meal. Pleaaaase....
4/ The pressure of doing something special. And that goes for both genders. I think expectations are premeditated resentments...

Things I love the most about Valentine's Day
1/ Staying at home. Have a great meal with my little family, friends and share some love, cake, fun and good vibes.
2/ Little, thoughtful attentions Steve has: Bringing me breakfast in bed, wrapping me in his arms when we go to sleep (which I suspect is mostly to prevent me from fidgeting), flowers when he goes food shopping, things he brings me back each time he travels...
3/ Celebrating what we have: An amazing kid, a great family in either part of the world, really good friends, 16 years of undying love that resisted arguments, slamming doors (mostly on my part), a few scary health issues and sometimes funny/puzzling franco-kiwi cultural differences.
4/ Watching a rom-com curled up on the sofa*. OK S. is bound to watch something completely different on the iPad with his headphones on but I will still watch mine in his arms. 
Incidentally, it was also something I was doing with my girlfriends when I was single. 
If you are (single), check this out!

What about you!?? What do you love and dislike the most about Valentine's Day??

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