Saturday, March 8, 2014

20 useful, must-know tips to look after your linens & other favourite pieces of clothing

This is a post dedicated to my sister Elodie (who you know I adore) and to anyone who has wrecked some of their beloved pieces in the washing-machine.

Before going skiing last month, I attended the launch of the new Miele W1 washing-machine which was quite something and very interesting, considering we are talking about the launch of a washing-machine...
So on the back of this and with Miele's help, I've put together a few tips and reminders to help you to make the clothes and bed linens you love last.

Miele may not be cheapest brand on the market but it is one that will last you a lifetime and I learnt at the launch that it is still a family business ❤️. Their new W1 laundry range has some amazing features (read here) and it's like SMEG or the Vipp kitchen (see my post here), if you can...get the best you can afford.

And of course the big question is....Do you really know your labels?
To be honest, there were quite a few I had no idea what they meant so I've asked Miele to send me the infographic available in their leaflet. I think it's a good one to put on Pinterest and print to stick in the kitchen cupboard as a reminder.

*This post was in association with MIELE. Thank you for your support ❤️
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