Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clemence Poesy's sexy hair + black clutch

I spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest (for work of course!) and once in a while, I see something and think...WOW! And that's exactly what I thought when I saw Clémence Poesy's new haircut...She has always been a very attractive girl but her new haircut has made her even more sexier.
In French, we call this kind of gorgeous chick...une bombe

This haircut would be perfect for Elodie, my sister (looking great in her white t-shirt & boyfriend jeans)*
The haircut is one thing, the black clutch (which you can't see because I cut it to focus on Clemence's hairdo) is here my favourite clutches below:

1/ My fav' EVER is this Marc Jacobs black clutch
2/ This one by Givenchy is very stylish too but frankly for the price, I'll stick to my Marc Jacobs one
3/ I'm loving this two-tone zip clutch one from Victoria Beckham, beautiful!
4/ This sober, utilitarian black leather zip clutch by Maison Martin Margiela is also a little beauty.
5/ Seriously affordable, is this beautiful stunning half black/half calf clutch from Whistles (if you are in London, you will see our Star light and pendant lights by Kathleen Hills in their flagship stores in Notting Hill and Chiswick).
6/ and for less than £50, this Mistry clutch from John Lewis and Tessa clutch by French Connection aren't too bad.

+ of course Nars eyeliner & red lipstick.

I mentioned in this post that Elodie's Chanel lipstick was no 9. Wrong, hers is no 14 Rouge Allure, mine is 9 but both are super bright red. Have a fab, stylish, sexy week!

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