Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happiness in bed + Vintage roses

Is there such a thing that finding happiness with a pair of pyjamas? Yes there is... I confirm.
And if it may seem like I'm shopping a lot at the moment, that would be....completely right too!

© Photography: Hush Homewear
The thing is...selling the content of our house on Ebay or Instagram to clear our home in preparation of the massive renovations, feel actually incredibly liberating!
It's good for the soul and it's good to let go of things and while the purpose of clearing our house is not to re-fill my wardrobe, at the same time, it's nice to freshen up its content + it's Spring!

So back to my fabulous PJs...
I have been coveting Hush's Vintage Rose pyjamas for years...It was one of the first print they launched in 2003 and the only thing that stopped me until last week, was that the French in me, always wanted to wear sexy things in bed.
Funnily enough when I asked Steve if he liked them, his answer was: "Yeah but I prefer you in something sexier rather than you hanging out in your PJs & Ugg boots all day"
Equally his response to my new green coat was: "Do you need a new coat at this time of the year?"
So like my friend Robert Downey Jr said, I just smiled...and embraced colours in my wardrobe.

I love them! They are very comfy, the vintage rose print is really gorgeous and if they had had the same for kids, I would have definitively got a pair for Mila too.
Click here to see the whole Hush Collection

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