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Given how many jumpsuits I have in my wardrobe, I thought it was time to write about it!
I don't think I ever found anything so versatile. It's feminine, practical, easy to accessorise and very sexy with the right shoes.
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The working mum in me, probably wears them a bit too often now (hence the required ownership of several) but frankly they go with everything! So here is a round up of my favourite models and shoes to go with it.

Plain Jumpsuits
1/ My latest acquisition is this jumpsuit in blue denim. I was actually trying something on at Scotch & Soda when Elodie emailed me a photo of the jumpsuits she was trying in Paris and I ended up ordering it online in the changing room. Big LOVE! The fabric is soft, light and I love the denim colour for the Summer.
Soft denim jumpsuit perfect for the Summer

2/ For a more stylish look, this black Shreela jumpsuit by Malene Birger is one of my fav. It looks very chic and will perfect with any of clutches I mentioned here.
3/ This Elisa jersey jumpsuit by Baukjen is very feminine and easy-to-care for. My favourite detail is the fitted cuff details on the trousers, great to look slimmer.
4/ If you are on a budget, this wrap jumpsuit is looking really good (slim framed required I think as wrap is not really forgiving)
5/ If you have a small upper frame and nicely toned shoulder (which you should have if you've been doing this workout), this V Neck jumpsuit is a must-have! Very flattering, sexy and a great buy for the price.
6/ I don't wear patterns because it doesn't really suit me but I love the summery feel of this Ester jumpsuit.
7/ If you mean business, Reiss has a fantastic collection that will get you a part in the next James Bond!
8/ And if you don't have the time to to shop around, Debenhams has also great selection of jumpsuits
Gorgeous V Neck jumpsuit in black

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