Friday, March 28, 2014


1. This sentence seen on Howies...
I found it so inspiring and liberating that I went for a 9K run yesterday morning.
 Howies running gear women mens UK made

We used to buy a lot from Howies when we were leaving in Bristol. They have some cool designs and the quality is great too. Steve still got this Work Hard Canoe Home t-shirt, bought about 5 ago and it is still in shape (the kiwi too by the way)

2. Re-styling my bedroom. It's amazing how moving things around and adding a few things can make a big difference to a room. I absolutely love it!
3. This Copper & Pink moodboard. Veronika, your post and new site are gorgeous!
>> If you love copper, check out our Freja collection.
4. My new pyjamas...yes they are beautiful and yes they make me happy and that's all it matters ;-)
5. Shooting this amazing chandelier for the front cover of our catalogue. I've seen quite a few amazing pieces of design over the years but this one is really impressive. Very similar to the one seen in this gorgeous family warehouse in Amsterdam. I will show you our front cover shot next week...very beautiful, I think!

What did you love this week? I think it's a good exercise to reflect weekly on the positive things that happened, don't you think?
Have a fab weekend! Bises

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