Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let me show you Maison & Objet in Paris Part 1

I saw a lot of beautiful things at Maison & Objet early this week and I've taken so many photos that it would be virtually impossible for me to show them all to you on the blog but you can see most of them on Instagram.
Talking of which, I really want to thank all of you for your comments and interaction on Instagram. It is really wonderful for me to interact with so many of you and share my inspirations and discoveries in Paris. In the previous years (pre Instagram) if I was doing the show by myself, I would get super excited about something with no-one with me to understand my excitement. I can't tell you how annoying this was :-) But now it's amazing! I feel so many of you understand why I get so excited by things, it's really enjoyable :-)

I loved the Marie-Claire Maison cafe, which featured the Scrapwood wallpapers but what caught my attention was how they gloss-painted wooden picnic tables and I thought that could work too for our new offices (I quite fancy something light & airy....and white!)

 I saw some beautiful stands with amazing sofas and wooden executive desk in a few years once B&F has conquered the world ;-) Just kidding, I doubt we will ever became that 'corporate' but the furniture was beautifully made.
 I love this picture I took with my new iPhone 5. I was quite pleased with the B&W composition and the move from the woman there we go, a bit of self-appreciation
But my coup de coeur at NOW! Design was GUBI - a Danish company that you are likely to see soon on BODIE and FOU. These mirrors are circled by leather and are just superb!
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