Sunday, March 16, 2014

Something old, something French

I sourced this gorgeous, vintage French chandelier in the South West of France when I was renovating my first owned flat in Stoke Newington...As we are now about to embark on massive renovations, I need to clear our house so this gorgeous piece is now up for sale....

As far as I can remember, even as a student in Bordeaux, I used to paint all my walls in white and mix contemporary pieces from IKEA (back then that's all I could afford) and vintage pieces.
When I moved in, everything was bright blue and magnolia so I painted everything in white, sanding the floorboards to bring them back to their natural colour, used an old wooden door found in the street as a large coffee table and purchased my first designer sofa: the Robin Day sofa re-issued by Habitat (will be selling this one too soon).

I didn't re-wire this chandelier when I used it in my flat but for peace of mind, you may want to.
A few glass pieces are missing but this is a real vintage piece, not a reproduction

Price: £50 + P&P. Leave a comment if you are interested or if you just like it :-)

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UPDATE: This chandelier is now sold and off to a nice home ❤️

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