Sunday, March 16, 2014


Did you see this on Saturday? It really made me laugh... I mean, yeah it's not all about shopping, etc (quoique...) but once in a while, it just feels good to go for it just because we want to!
So I got myself this very bright green coat from Zara to wear with my boyfriend jeans and my black Bowie's Suede Wedged trainers.
Fashion French Style Green Must-Have

I don't think I ever bought anything so bright since Uni but I had actually seen someone trying it on, in a more conservative colour last weekend in Westfields and thought the cut was really good. It looked so good on her that I almost told her.
Retrospectively I think I should have, because its always nice when someone pays you a compliment out of the blue...
So when I saw it in green, I just thought...why not!!?  2014 feels good, really good. I have a huge amount of energy and like our pink door, this will be my happy coat for this Spring.
What do you think? What's the brightest piece of item you bought?

Here are my favourite 'green pieces' hahaha:
1/ This fab Tropical jumpsuit from Scotch & Soda
2/ For a casual look at weekends, I'm loving this Breton striped t-shirt from Coogles but am I right in thinking they got it says Breton not Brenton!
3/ I love these aqua chinos for men. Steve bought me a pair from Scotch & Soda last year for Mother's Day and they are fantastic to wear.
4/ Sadly no longer available in Mila's size but these green Swedish Hasbeens at 30% OFF are a must-have
5/ and last week, I spotted these adorable Aigle Aqua gum boots for children! Mila has them in navy but I think we will go for aqua or pink for her next pair. Each time, she gets a new pair, we change colour and then I keep them for styling some of my shots.

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